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On another cold, grey morning, as I fight to even lift my head from the pillow, never mind drag myself out of bed, faced with the crippling fear of knowing there could be as many as nine months of cold, dark winter ahead of me to survive, I find myself, for the first time in easily ten years, wanting to turn to words as my source of comfort. Oh heck. Recently, after an impassioned rant with a friend, they asked if I’d ever considered blogging.


Which is to say, it has been considered many times but blogging is to bare ones soul and the internet is a brutal place inhabited by dark creatures, lurking, primed and ready to tear apart anyone who shows even an ounce of vulnerability if it hasn’t been backed up by 100000 solid concrete references, and even then, in the land of the world wide web, opinion, not fact, is law. As someone who feels very deeply about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G I think I could do without the anxiety of people misinterpreting my words and having them on record to hold over me for the rest of my existence. How many people can we name who’ve been fired without trial because emotional them from 10 years ago tweeted something today’s society disapproves of? Yup. Not worth it. So here we are! Welcome to my first, and hopefully only, pitiful, blog post in which I’m going to ramble about my lifestyle, world view and business motivations then sorely regret it as soon as I hit publish.

Hey, I’m Sophie, creator of Rotten Core, a one-woman brand on a mission to make pretty things and change the world. I was lucky to grow up in a gorgeous chunk of countryside surrounded by animals and nature, learning that the world is a beautiful, magical place that we need to appreciate, protect and cherish. I discovered pretty early on that not everyone sees nature with my wide-eyed wonder and the goal to bring this joy to those people was my starting point for Rotten Core. However, it is inevitable in life that we are constantly exposed to new things and our perspectives and motivations change as a result. For me, this has meant my work so far has not managed to keep up with the aspirations I have for it, so I’m sorry that I’m yet to single-handedly inspire human-kind to start fighting for our planet and our humanity, but I’m really just at the beginning of this journey, dreaming fiercely about the responsibility I have going forward to use my work to open dialogues and kick start action for the things that matter. I intend to get it done and I invite you to join me.

One thing I have always known I am, is an animal lover; until the day the internet told me I wasn’t. I did not begin exploring veganism-uh oh, she used the v-word, time to bail. Stick with it, please- until about 2.5 years ago, after I came across an internet comment stating you couldn’t be upset about videos of animal abuse towards cats and dogs if you were still buying into the exploitation of animals through food and clothing etc. This really got to me, so I started researching, reflecting and learning. My journey with veganism has been far from flawless but I definitely believe in it, even if there are times when the ugliness of humanity leaves me feeling so hopeless I wonder why I bother. I had also spent my life believing I was pretty good at recycling and cared about being eco-friendly, because I love my planet. Then -internet again- maybe 1.5 years ago I joined some plastic-free and zero-waste online groups and learnt I was wrong again. Turns out previously I did not have a clue. So again, I started researching, reflecting and learning. My journey with plastic-free and zero waste has been far from flawless but I definitely believe in it, the world needs me to believe in it, even if sometimes the ugliness of humanity leaves me feeling so hopeless I wonder why I bother. Recently, -maybe I should learn to stay away from the internet- I saw a company posting about a range of units they make which can be used for many things, examples being a garden cinema room, swimming pool changing room, garden bar or tiny house. Now, I love tiny houses, I think they’re super cool and a decent solution on the journey towards living off-grid, carbon neutral, mortgage free etc. But are tiny houses really appealing by choice? Or is it just that so many people are feeling so helpless and hopeless, in a world that for regular folks has become too expensive to exist that we’ve convinced ourselves this is the desirable solution? I aspire to one day fit my whole life into this tiny wooden box so I don’t have to work myself to death just to keep a roof over my head while there are people using the same space as a luxury item to house a hot tub in the garden of their second home. This new-found perspective doesn’t sit well with me, like so many things these days. It seems that once you open the caring floodgate, there’s no going back. I was able to start off slowly with veganism, then zero waste but now I seem to be overwhelmed with new causes I want to care deeply about and ‘do my bit’ to help. But there are so many. We’ve got starving polar bears and bloody whale culls, seals being shot for eating salmon, wild horses being chased to deadly exhaustion by helicopters, poverty becoming an acceptable level of income for hardworking families, people dying as a result of missing one jobcentre meeting, rising racism, war, new rape and suicide stories every day, boats full of people drowning horribly in pursuit of a better life, forest fires and droughts everywhere, rainforest destruction, the list goes on...

I don’t want to have to pick one tribe and stick to it. I want to be able to care about all these things and I want to live a life that fights for the lives who need more voices than their own, but how do I fix all these things when I’m failing at making enough money to even care for myself and battling with the endless contradictions of my various beliefs? Does your head hurt yet? Mine sure does. With every matter that I get worked up about and try to pick apart, I seem to end with the same conclusion. ‘If we could just be more considerate.’ For example (in my opinion):

Veganism, ultimately, is being considerate to all life, not just human.

Zero-waste, ultimately, is being considerate to the incredible planet we are so lucky to be inhabiting.

If we as humans, could learn to be more considerate to others; our neighbours, strangers, animals, our environment, future generations, maybe we could start making some positive progress. Currently, I feel like I’m existing in a world where we have been conditioned to think only about ourselves, how we can one-up others, benefit from someone else’s hard work, have the most money, the most power, the most control and it is an ugly, cold world that I don’t want to be a part of.

So that’s why I’m on a mission to make pretty things and change the world. To encourage myself, and you, to question our situations, think differently and be inspired to make change. Rotten Core, Make Everyday Beautiful.

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