Dreamland Fashion Video
Robb- Pin-up Belles
Fraser- Peterhead Prison
Jamie- Little Kicks
Neil- Wedding
Crow House

Another video shoot I got involved with over the summer was a project by Jamie McDonald from Kreopix for Aberdeen band The Little Kicks. This was Jamie's first time having a got with the equipment in the Motion Capture suite - which I didn't even know we had at uni before this. This was very much a day of observing and 'behind the scenes' picture taking for me but it was still great to meet new people and see how the Motion Capture works. Jamie was good to chat to about a lot of stuff and seems really interested in getting students involved in more video projects. Below are my images from the day, Jamie's finished Motion Capture video and a rough version of another video made on the day, just using the huge rig that's in that room. I was in charge of changing the lights, I did a terrible job because touch screen light switches are a nightmare! 

Third (second of the summer) shoot with Fraser and Rachel, this time a fashion video at Peterhead Prison. I was mostly bag carrier and lens holder but I took a few pictures to document the day and it's beneficial just to see how others approach these projects. The first few photos, which I'm in, were taken by Fiona. 

Photographer Neil Wernick invited me along to this shoot but it was actually put together by photographer Robb of CSD Images. Based at Montrose Air Museum we had a lot of props to play with and 5 beautiful models.

Robb is a whirlwind of energy, very full on but wonderfully eager to throw a huge amount of knowledge my way which is great for me! He also worked very differently from what I've experienced before, using a lot of lighting/reflectors/filters etc. While I prefer a more natural approach, it's still valuable to see different ways of working. Robb's attitude struck me as just absolutely loving what he does and just wanting to have a play with all his gear really, so maybe it was more about fun than necessity with a lot of the stuff he was setting up. I took a few pictures but mostly just wanted to watch and take in what I was seeing, having never worked with models or lighting on location before. Below is a sneaky photo taken by Neil then a couple of my offerings. I was pretty nervous about directing models but there were all so lovely, they all do it just because they love to so it was very chilled and friendly. And I'm pretty chuffed with how my few images came out. I generally don't do too much editing but it seemed pretty fitting for the style of these images. 

This was my second time out getting involved with Fraser and Rachel on some video stuff. I didn't know what to expect this time round. I was very much a runner for Fraser so I didn't contribute any work but it's beneficial getting to watch how he works. And at the end of the day we got t go go-karting! Below is Fraser's finished video. 

'Work Experience'

Kicking off during the summer, I've started finding photographers, videographers and film makers to head out with to get some experience and see how the pro's do it. It's taken me to a lot of places I'd never normally expect to go, meet a lot of great people and get a more solid understanding of how professionals tackle their projects. Below is what I've been getting up to.

Finally my first wedding! Neil has shot thousands of weddings so I figured I was in good hands! However, when I arrived he produced a Nikon for me to use and he'd set it up semi automatic. I've only ever worked with Canon and always fully manual so I didn't really have a clue what I was doing. It's like being able to read fluently in English but if I tried to read a book in Spanish you'd think I'd never read before in my life... So that part wasn't great but generally it was a good day and as I say, my first time so interesting to see how Neil approached the whole day. He's not sent me any of the pictures yet but Nancy - his usual assistant but mother of the bride at this wedding- said she's seen mine and thought I did very well. 

Jamie invited me along to this when I was helping at the Little Kicks shoot day. Him, along with his business partner Ben and director Nicci Thompson have put together Crow House. I'm still not sure how to describe it but they've gotten loads of AbCol students involved as well as some guys they studied with when they were at Gray's and Crow House is just this platform through which we call all make awesome things and get loads of experience. And funnily enough, for the first shoot I found myself driving back to Peterhead Prison at the crack of dawn! I was there for 2 of the 4 days this shoot took place over. This was totally different to the other study I've been doing over the summer. Each day there was about 30 of us there! You could tell everyone was still finding their feet and as a result things were a little disorganised and I didn't get to do all that much hands on stuff but it was brilliant to mix with the AbCol students and hear about their course - which sounds great and also my first experience of a proper big production rather than just one person with a DSLR. Crow House plan to run workshops and more projects in the future. They're definitely people to keep involved with when I can fit it in around uni time. Below are my pictures from the 2 days. I really enjoyed shooting here with all the damage, decay and fake blood! 

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